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Matrimonial and Family Law in Chaotic Times Part II (2010)

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Matrimonial and Family Law in Chaotic Times - 2010 Video Webcast

4.0 MCLE Credits
(4.0 credits in areas of professional practice)

This program addresses how to handle a case given today's economic climate and what, if anything, can be done to modify alimony and child support arrangements when agreements made in better economic times are now squeezing the financial life from your clients. The program speakers share their ideas and suggestions on how to negotiate, draft and advocate for your client's position on maintenance, child support and equitable distribution when the predictable level of his or her earnings is a serious concern. The speakers review the interplay of bankruptcy laws and procedures with divorce actions. You will also hear the faculty discuss recommended language and clauses for agreements that weigh and balance the ease of making modifications against the potential of going to trial.